Responsible Gambling

Adding an element of risk to a sporting event can be exciting and heighten the experience, but when that is overcome by problem gambling the consequences can be significant.

We understand the risk of problem gambling so we openly inform our website visitors of the risks as well as the perceived gains from gambling.

Think you might be gambling too much?

Taking a moment to assess your gambling patterns, when you start to feel things are getting out of hand is a useful process. Don't feel ashamed and ignore the signs, be honest and take a look at the situation

Asking yourself a few honest questions can help identify if you may have a problem with gambling.

  • Have you even bet more than you can afford to lose?
  • Do you find you need to stake larger bets to get the same feeling of excitement?
  • Have you placed more bets to try and win back money you've lost?
  • Have you borrowed money or sold possessions in order to be able to place bets?
  • Has betting ever impacted your health in terms of increased stress or anxiety?
  • Have friends and family commented on or confronted you about how much you spend on gambling?
  • Do you feel a sense of guilt when you gamble?
  • Has gambling ever impacted your financial situation, in not being able to pay bills or fulfil any financial obligations?

Gambling should be fun and not cause you any financial, relationship or health issues. If you answered yes to several questions above, it may be time to have a hard look at your gambling habits and make some changes. If the predominant answer was yes, then seeking advice is recommended.

Know when to stop

If gambling is starting to impact your life, know when to stop and set yourself a cooling off period.

  • Set yourself a stake limit and stick to it. Don't change your stake limit per bet. Setting a modest stake limit will make your money go further and allow you to place more bets.
  • Set yourself a deposit limit. Most bookmakers allow you to set a deposit limit in your account.
  • Take a break from gambling. Spend the money you would usually spend on something else that is rewarding and fulfilling in other ways.
  • To resist temptation, self-exclude yourself from your betting accounts. Most bookmakers allow you to self-exclude for periods of a day, week, month, several months. Take advantage of the methods already out there to protect you.
  • You can block yourself from accessing gambling related websites completely, see resources below.

Resources for tackling problem gambling

Block gambling related websites

Problem Gambling Support

Underage Gambling

We don't knowingly encourage or allow minors under 18 to use this website. If we suspect someone is using this website who is underage, their account will be blocked.

The amount of personal information we acquire is purposely kept to a minimum in respect of privacy. However as a parent or guardian who suspects a minor is using this website, we urge you to contact us so we can close their account.